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Phone Code of New Zealand


City codeCity
3Ashburton // Ashburton
3Blenheim // Blenheim
4Wellington // Wellington
7Hamilton // Hamilton
6Gisborne // Gisborne
3Gore // Gore
3Dunedin // Dunedin
3Invercargill // Invercargill
3Christchurch // Christchurch
3Littleton // Lyttelton
6Marton // Marton
6Masterton // Masterton
6Napier // Napier
3Nelson // Nelson
6New Plymouth // New Plymouth
9Auckland // Auckland
6Palmerston North // Palmerston North
7Rotorua // Rotorua
7Tauranga // Tauranga
3Timaru // Timaru

From a mobile phone in Russia:
+ 64- (area code) - (subscriber number)

From a landline in Russia:
8-10- (64) - (area code) - (subscriber number)

How to call to New Zealand

How to call New Zealand from a landline phone to a mobile phone or from a cell phone to a landline, I think, it is clear instinctively.

Practice has shown that everyone's instinct is developed differently, so I write in more detail.

To call New Zealand you need to dial 8 - this means that the call is not local. You should wait for a beep. After you need to dial 10 - this says that the call will be international and then the phone code of New Zealand will be indicated.

+ a sign that is used in GSM mobile phones to replace the international access code from any country.

It should be noted right away that 10 is access to the international connection for OJSC Rostelecom. For other operators, the international dialing code will be different. For example, 56 - SCS Sovintel LLC, 57 - TransTeleCom Company CJSC, 58 - MTT OJSC, 59 - Equant LLC.

Attention: number 8 and further the international access code described above are applicable only to Russia. In other countries, a different system for entering the international line has been adopted.

Then you should dial the international telephone code of the country (phone code of New Zealand - 64) At this stage of dialing, we entered the internal telephone network of New Zealand.

Now it remains only to dial the telephone code of the city we want to call, and finally, the local phone number of the New Zealand subscriber.