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Sberbank investment bonds: tariffs, online account opening, yield calculation


Sberbank is a financial company that offers not only to save their own savings, but also to significantly increase them. For those who want to get the maximum income, the lender has created a product such as Sberbank Investment Bonds (IOS).

Especially for readers of our financial portal, we will consider what IOS is, what income can be obtained and how to open an account in real time.

What is IOS in Sberbank

Sberbank Investment Bonds are exchange-traded bonds issued by the Savings Bank of the Russian Federation. The financial company provides for the payment of the nominal value upon repayment in full and the transfer of additional income, which is determined by the terms of the particular issue.

IOS is a wonderful financial product, within which you can get a guaranteed high income.

Under the program, the bank guarantees:

  • 100% return of the invested amount back, after the term of the contract or ahead of schedule.
  • Profitability that exceeds interest rates on deposits and above% inflation.
  • Early sale of bonds at market value. It is important to consider that this is possible in the presence of appropriate demand.

  • Duration: up to 3 years
  • Profitability: up to 10% per year
  • Minimum amount for opening an account: 1,000 rubles
  • Early termination: Provided
  • Payout%: 100% money back guarantee

How to use the offer on iOS from Sberbank

The first thing that each client will need to do is create an investment account with the Savings Bank. It opens through the Sberbank-Online application in a few minutes completely free of charge.

As soon as the account is opened, it remains to replenish it and start earning. Before you open a contract, you should calculate the profitability. How to do this, we will consider further.

How to calculate expected return

A calculator is presented on the official website of Sberbank, which instantly shows the amount of income based on the given parameters.

To do this, specify the amount in the calculator and click "Calculate".

After that, the script will be displayed:

In each case, profitability will be reflected, both in percentage terms and in the form of cash equivalent. In this case, it is important to pay attention that the calculation takes place on the annual yield, and not for the entire duration of the contract.

How to start making money with iOS

If the profitability is calculated and you have definitely decided to open an investment agreement, then you should follow some simple steps.

How to start investing:

  1. Log in to your personal account. In his absence, gain access.
  2. Open a free account and replenish.
  3. Free download the Investor application on your mobile phone, in order to control your account in real time.

Opening an IOS account at Sberbank

As mentioned earlier, you can open an investment account only through the personal account of the client. To do this, in the other section, select brokerage services and click "open a brokerage account".

In the next step, you will need to select the markets of interest and click "Continue".

In the next step, be prepared to carefully study the tariffs and choose the one that suits you. Savings Bank offers 2 tariffs:

After choosing a tariff, you will need to choose an account or a card to which interest will be transferred.

The next step is to read the proposed conditions and choose what is right for you.

At the last step, you will need to check the presented sections and click “Send application”. After the registration procedure, the investment account ends.

Bond purchase

Buying a bond is very simple through the mobile application. All you need to do is:

  • Log in to the app
  • Visit the Ideas section - IOS for Gold Growth
  • Click "Invest" and confirm your actions through a message (it will be indicated as)
  • Indicate the amount for investment and click "Buy"

This concludes the purchase of bonds. From this moment you will receive income, which can be controlled through the personal account of the Savings Bank.

Important! Please note that you can download the free Investor application exclusively for Android and IOS.

We offer to download the application:

Tariffs in Sberbank for IOS

Before topping up an account you should choose an investment program. Especially for you, we will consider the tariffs that are relevant for May 2019. Information borrowed from the official site

Extra buns

If you are a newbie and do not know how to invest, it's okay. Sberbank is ready to help everyone. Through the client’s personal account you can study the necessary literature, thanks to which you will become a real specialist.

Anyone can take the so-called free training. If necessary, each client can ask questions of interest to a support service representative.

Additionally, the lender publishes important information on the securities market. Thanks to this, you can keep abreast of all events.

In conclusion, it should be noted that the Savings Bank offers an attractive product with which you can make good money. All information presented is borrowed from the official website of the bank. Since the information on opening an account may change, to obtain up-to-date information on the date of opening an account, you must visit the official website or get advice about an employee of Sberbank.

If you have already taken advantage of an attractive program, we suggest leaving a review. Our readers will be interested to know what profitability the bank has offered you and how interest is calculated. In order to share your investment experience, you need to leave feedback in the “Comment” tab.