Useful Tips

Split and move keyboard on iPad

The ability to split the virtual keyboard on the iPad appeared with the release of iOS 5. Of course, many do not use this feature constantly. But it is really very convenient when typing large amounts of textual information.

6 hidden keys

In fact, in addition to the very convenience of the ability to split the keyboard, there are also some keyboard elements that you may not notice. Do you know that after splitting the keyboard, hidden buttons appear?

The split iPad keyboard contains 6 hidden buttons allowing you to access the letters Y, H, B, T, G and V (H, G, P, O, I, T) without the need for another hand.

In order to print a hidden letter, you must double click to the place shown below in the screenshots.

These invisible useful tricks really speak of Apple's attention to important details and a focus on user convenience.

Keyboard split

  1. Open the program and click on the text box.
  2. Press and hold the icon in the lower right corner of the keyboard.
  3. Swipe up and tap Split.

Keyboard split is not available on the 12.9-inch iPad Pro and 11-inch iPad Pro.

Split Keyboard Combination

  1. Click the text box.
  2. Press and hold the icon in the lower right corner of the keyboard.
  3. Swipe up and tap Merge.

To enable or disable the split keyboard, go to Settings> General> Keyboard> Split Keyboard.

Keyboard move

The keyboard can be detached from the bottom of the screen and moved to another part of the screen. To do this, follow these steps.

  1. Press and hold the icon.
  2. Swipe up and click Unpin.
  3. Touch the icon lightly and, without releasing it, drag the keyboard up or down the screen.

The split keyboard can also be dragged up and down the screen. To do this, lightly tap the icon and, without releasing it, drag the keyboard up or down the screen.

To move the full keyboard back to the bottom of the screen, press and hold the icon, then swipe up and click Pin.

To merge the split keyboard and move it back to the bottom of the screen, press and hold the icon, swipe up and click Lock and Merge.

Double space

If you click twice in a row on a space, a dot will appear. True, this ability applies only to text. If you did not write anything before pressing a double space, the system will not be able to understand you and will put two spaces. Double-clicking on the Shift button will activate the Caps Lock mode. You can now print large text in capital letters.

Specific characters

If you need special characters for writing, for example, umlauts (ä, ü, ö), it is not necessary to use the German keyboard layout. To do this, it is enough to hold the necessary character for a short time on the keyboard in the English layout. This action allows you to display existing display options for this letter. Using this principle, you can find a solid sign in the Russian layout.

We jump between layouts

There is an inconvenience between the use of characters and letters. To write them you need to constantly move back and forth. Well, at least in the English layout there is a period and a comma, unlike the Russian one. In order to make it easier for you to use the transition, click on the button with the display of "123" and without lifting your finger indicate the number symbol, for example. And after you press your finger, the layout will automatically return to the letter.

Move and split a characterbar

For ease of use, you can detach the keyboard or split it in two. To do this, find the button on the lower right in the symbol panel (the keyboard icon is on it) and click on it. You will be presented with a menu of two options. "Unpin" allows you to separate it from the bottom panel, and "split" allows you to divide it into parts. Changing the display greatly improves typing in an upright position while holding the tablet in your hands.

The keyboards of Apple devices contain a lot of puzzles. Take even the notorious letter “ё” - no matter how many you look for it on the keys by visual inspection, nothing can be found, but try to make a long tap on the “e” button and voila - a pleasant surprise awaits you! By analogy, a solid sign is also hidden - to enter this letter, you need to perform a long tap on the “b” key. And such unexpected discoveries, using the iOS keyboard, can be done quite a lot.

However, one question is when you are doing nothing of the search for this kind of “hiccups,” and quite another - when you need to urgently find one or another symbol or function, and there is not one option where they hid.

Here, for example, one of the most popular problems - the keyboard, which is usually attached at the bottom of the iPad, has risen to the middle of the screen. Few people find such an arrangement convenient, and therefore the user, faced with this situation, immediately begins to search for the answer to the question - how to change this state of affairs and lower the keys down. Fortunately, this is quite simple. Ready to learn a few more secrets of the Apple keyboard? Then now we will tell how it can be moved.

So, imagine the situation - the child took your tablet to play, and when he brought it back, it turned out that the keyboard, which was always fixed at the bottom, is in the middle of the screen. How could she get up there? Yes, it’s very simple - the child found the “secret” button and used it, only one trouble, what kind of key it was and how to move the keyboard to its original place, he does not know.

1 We take a tablet, open any application from which you can call up typing (well, for example, “Notes”) and call up the keyboard. 2 We look into the lower right corner - our task is to find the key on which the keyboard is schematically shown and make a long tap on it. 3 If you pressed the button correctly, a small menu should appear with two items - “Split and Pin”, we are interested in the second.
4 Tap on the item "Fix" - you're done! The buttons should shift down!

See, cleaning the keyboard down is easy!

By the way, if you are interested in the option "Divide", we will share information about it. This function allows you to divide the buttons in half - one part of the key is thus "heaped" in the left corner of the tablet, the second - in the left. At first glance, this is not very convenient, but if you practice a little, this opportunity will be indispensable for speed dialing - on the one hand, work with the thumb of your left hand, and on the other, with the thumb of your right. As a result, you can complete typing or make changes to the text twice as fast.

How to choose the optimal position for the keyboard?

And finally, another interesting feature. If, after clicking on the “Lock” button, you again make a long tap on the button with the image of the keyboard, you will notice that now the menu items in it are as follows - “Split” and “Unpin”. It is by clicking on the “Unpin” button that allows you to move the keyboard to the center of the screen.

Every owner of an iPhone or iPad uses a virtual keyboard daily. Sending SMS, surfing the network, sending emails and many other tasks anyway require the user to access virtual keys. In this collection, we decided to show you some features that will help you use the "clave" to the fullest.

Keyboard Secrets

To take full advantage of the iPad while typing, consider a few features of the character panel. You can press the spacebar twice, a dot will appear. If there is not a single character before this action, the gadget will not put an end to it, but will put two spaces. Double-clicking Shift enables Caps Lock mode. The opportunity will be available to change lowercase letters with capital places.

To use special characters (umlauts) in the text, hold your finger on the desired letter, a small pop-up panel will appear. Symbols similar to the letter will be displayed on it. Move your finger without lifting it to the desired one, done, it’s in the text. This will save you from constantly switching keyboard languages. Use this feature also when writing digital layout characters.

You can split the keyboard in two and place it on both sides of the display, so it will be convenient for you to type text in an upright position with both hands. Here we will come in handy the previously used button to turn on the symbol panel. The Split item will appear here. Click on it. The panel will split in half and “stick” to the edges. The second way: pull the keyboard in the direction of the sides of the right and left to break.

If you often receive messages from relatives and friends with emojis, and you send only text, because you do not know how and where to add them, here is the solution. Go to the "basic" section located in the settings icon. Open the subsection “keyboard” and further “keyboard - new ...”. List emojis and express your emotions in the text.

If you often use abbreviations, then teach the gadget to understand them and automatically replace them in the text. To do this, go to the "keyboard" subsection and open the abbreviations. Create any shortcuts you need and save.

There are times when an accidentally hit button on the tablet display causes a problem that is difficult to fix. For example, keys began to appear in different places on the screen when trying to write something and did not return to their proper place. Let's try to figure out how to lower the keyboard on the iPad.

We remove down the screen

If you accidentally unfastened the keys and they are now in the middle of the display, it will not be difficult to return them to their original place. Just linger on the function button for a while and in the window that appears, select the "Lock" item.

This way you lower the keyboard again and lock it in place.

Now suppose that you do not accidentally unfasten the keys, but want to change their position. In this case:

  1. Hold your finger on the function button.
  2. Pull up / down.
  3. Choose the optimal button position for yourself and release your finger.

How to split

In the event that you are not satisfied not only with the position of the keyboard, but also with its shape, size, these parameters can be changed. You can disconnect and literally expand the typing tool on different sides of the screen. For this:

  1. Hold the function key until a pop-up menu appears.
  2. Choose "Split."

Now you have a split keyboard on the iPad in the middle.

You can change the scale of the formed halves, as well as move them up and down. But this can only be done simultaneously with both parts of the tool. Change the location or size of one independently of the other will not work.

How to combine

If the position of the keys on the sides became uncomfortable or you made changes accidentally, you can return everything to their places. For this:

  1. Hold the function key until options appear.
  2. Click Merge.

You can also hold the button, but, without waiting for the pop-up window to appear, swipe left with your finger, thereby connecting the two parts, so to speak, manually. This action will be accompanied by a visual effect. Thus, if the keyboard is divided on the iPad, you can return everything to its place in two touches plus enjoy the animation.