Useful Tips

How to take care of long nails


Would you like to have beautiful and strong nails that do not break or peel? Learn how to properly care for them with these ten tips.

Girls love their nails. Hands with well-groomed nails look more elegant and feminine. We all wish that the nails always remained strong and beautiful. However, many girls have difficulties with nail care. So get over them today!

1. Make friends with rubber gloves

Try to NEVER wash the dishes or do the cleaning at home without wearing rubber gloves. Household chemicals that you often use are very powerful and seriously harm both your hands and nails. They not only weaken the surface of the nails, but can also trigger the appearance of chemical burns. Always wear rubber gloves when cleaning.

3. Nail creams

Sometimes a regular hand cream is not enough. To take good care of your nails, you need to purchase special nail creams. Usually they are inexpensive, and the store offers a wide range. You may need to try several options before you find a cream that is right for you.

6. File and polish

First of all, get a good nail file. Every time you cut your nails, do not forget to file them. Run the nail file in only one direction. When you file a nail, then left, then right, then create microcracks that weaken the nails. Polishing the nails should be no more than once a month. Polishing too often will make the nails thinner and weaker.

7. Be careful with nail polish

Despite the fact that bright, colorful nails are so fun, the varnish does considerable harm to your nails. The reason is that varnishes contain acetone, which softens the surface of the nail. Do not do manicures more than once a week and buy only high-quality varnishes. If your varnish has expired, it is better to immediately discard it.

Why do nails break?

Many women wonder why their nails become thin and brittle. But they themselves do not realize that their desire to be beautiful just destroys the cornea of ​​the nail, and it becomes thin and fragile.

How so? Where is the logic here? If a girl in her endeavor too hard uses scissors, a nail file and other accessories of a manicure set, her nails cannot withstand this torture for a long time. Multilayer use of low-quality varnish also does not improve the situation.

  • Due to the frequent brittleness of nails, ladies prefer building, and what benefits of the gel we will find out here.
  • This season, it is considered very fashionable to paint nails with different colors, and see how this looks in the photo in this article.
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How to care for your nails so that they can grow quickly?

For the quick regrowth of nails, one thing is most important. So that they are healthy. Therefore, it is necessary to follow several rules for nail care.

          • You can’t cut with a nail file in different directions, thinking that only the shape is important. Movements should go in one direction, smoothly grinding off the excess.
          • In no case should you cut out a cuticle before the blood.
          • Nails, like porous hair, absorb everything that enters them from the environment. Therefore, be attentive to them. Never let harmful liquids get on them, use gentle liquids to remove the varnish and, of course, do not poison them with bright poisonous varnishes, applying them without a base under the varnish. Anyway, give your nails time to take a break from decorative coatings, they will only thank you.
          • “Feed” the nails with special masks, creams. It is also useful to use reinforcing varnishes.
          • And one more condition. Personal hygiene. Be sure to buy a set for manicure and treat it with a disinfectant liquid before use, as well as after you have put things in order on the nails. And your nails will be firm, even and beautiful.

9. Acrylic or gel nails

Artificial nails, of course, are a tempting alternative to their own, weak and constantly breaking. But do not be tempted! The composition that acrylic and gel nails are made of can harm your health.

In addition, in the process of nail extension, your own nails are cut and polished so much that they literally leave almost no trace - what kind of natural and healthy nails can we talk about when you one day decide not to add acrylic or gel nails anymore? ?!

Under the artificial material you will see only a lifeless loose surface, which then will have to be turned back into your natural nails for another year. Anyway - artificial nails - it’s the same as artificial breasts or eyebrows painted with bright black pencil! There is no natural beauty, no life, no naturalness!

It is better to spend time, effort and money to look after your nails in the usual natural ways available: rub olive oil into them every day, for example. And normalize your diet: proper and healthy nutrition will quickly make your nails beautiful!

How to accelerate their growth?

Slow nail growth can be overcome. And all this is easy to do at home, you just need a little attention to your beloved.

          • In the evening, sitting in front of the TV, you can do finger massage. By accelerating blood circulation, you will increase the flow of blood, saturated with nutrients to the nail plates. That is, your nails will be better “absorb”. Try to pamper your nails with a massage daily. This contributes to the rapid growth of nails.
          • It also works no worse paraffin therapy. This procedure is considered one of the most effective. In order to properly conduct a paraffin therapy session, it is necessary to apply a small amount of molten wax or cosmetic paraffin to the nail and cuticle. The result is similar to massage. A rush of blood enhances the nutrition of nails and stimulates their growth.
          • Great benefits to the nails bathsbecause nails love water. If you simply lower the nails more often in water, you will immediately see that they began to grow faster. And in order for this to be more effective, and the nails receive a larger amount of the substances they need, it is very good to add a little olive oil and lemon juice to the bath. And so that the nails are strengthened, and brittleness is gone, we advise you to add a little sea salt to the water. Dip your hands in the solution for 3-5 minutes - and wipe them with a dry cloth. Just do not rinse with running water, as all useful substances are washed off. A bath with sea salt must be taken for 20 minutes, and then be sure to apply a nourishing cream.
          • Very convenient and useful for growing nails at home. use of vitamins. You can find vitamin E capsules in any pharmacy. It is very simple to use them: just rub the liquid into the nails, which must be soaked or steamed before. If you still couldn’t get Vitamin E, just use regular iodine. And do not worry about the unpleasant yellow tint: if you spread iodine at night, yellowness will disappear by morning.
          • A very good tool for stimulating nail growth at home is homemade cream. To make it, you need half a teaspoon of baby cream, half a teaspoon of red pepper and 20 drops of water. After mixing all the ingredients, heat the mixture in a water bath for about 10 minutes, but do not overheat. After allowing the mixture to cool slightly, apply it on your nails. After 15-20 minutes, you can rinse with warm water. That's all.
          • If your nails are thin and dry, pay attention to your nutrition. This means that your body is not enough fat. So what to do? Include them in the menu. I'm not talking about fatty pork belly in large portions. It is about increasing more liver, vegetable fats, fruits and vegetables. There is another bonus to essential fats in these products - Vitamin A, which helps to accelerate the growth of nails and hair.
          • Do not forget about cosmetics. The most common decorative varnish can help you protect your nails from external factors and mitigate their effects.
          • If you dissolve 2 tablespoons of salt in 0.5 liter of water and add 10 drops of iodine there, you will get a wonderful strengthening bath and stimulation of nail growth. Hold your nails in this solution for about 15 minutes and dry your hands with a dry cloth.
          • Perfectly helps strengthen and stimulate nail growth. lemon. You can just spread it on the juice of the nails and cuticles, or hold your fingertips in its pulp for a couple of minutes. But do not forget to grease the handles with a nourishing cream.
          • Melt in a water bath until completely dissolved 5g beeswax, then add 40g of calendula oil and 1 mashed yolk of hard-boiled eggs. Continue to heat the resulting mixture, stirring occasionally. Wait until the ointment thickens to a state of sour cream. This ointment must be applied to the nails before bedtime, so that they are strong and grow faster.
          • There is also such a recipe for nail growth cream: thoroughly mix 30 ml of aloe juice, sea buckthorn oil, burdock and calendula - 40 drops each. Add 2 tablespoons of cream there and, having thoroughly mixed everything, you can rub in nails and cuticles.
          • We have already said that baths with sea salt very useful for nails. And if you take 20 g of salt, dilute in 2 glasses of water and add 4 drops of iodine - you get a very effective bath for the growth and strengthening of nails. The result will be especially good if you carry out this procedure 3-4 times a week. Do not forget, the session lasts 15 minutes.
          • A similar procedure is carried out with soda bath. For 1 glass of water, take 1 tbsp. a spoonful of soda. By adding 4 drops of iodine, you can lower your hands in the solution for 10-15 minutes. After the procedure, do not forget to grease your hands with a nourishing cream, and if there is no cream, use olive oil.
          • Can also do oil baths. After heating a little vegetable oil (olive, castor, etc.), add a few drops of iodine and the same amount of glycerin. Dip your hands in oil for 20 minutes and wipe them with a napkin.
          • Daily massage of nails will help your nails to strengthen and stimulate their growth. It is very good to use during massage oils (olive or almond) or just a nourishing cream. Rubbing oils into your nails and cuticles will improve the nutrition of your nails. Nails receive a similar massage when typing on a computer or playing the piano. Make sure that the nails of the most actively used fingers do not deform.
          • A wonderful tool for strengthening nails are healing varnishes. Usually these varnishes are made colorless, so they are perfect as a base for decorative varnish. And you can buy them at any pharmacy.

And the last one. As we said at the very beginning, nails need proper nutrition. Therefore, you need to monitor your diet. It must necessarily contain foods rich in iron, calcium, vitamins. Eat cheese, nuts, cottage cheese and much more, in fact, accessible to everyone and everyone.