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How to hide things from parents

Even the most sneaky thief who sneaks into your apartment will not steal construction bolts found anywhere on the balcony or in the closet. Nevertheless, the savings of the owners of this house can be stored there.

Spy Bolt is a bolt with a cavity inside, in which you can store money, digital media or jewelry. No one will suspect what the real purpose of this item is.

Smuggler Belt - belt with integrated wallet

In Soviet times, people traveling somewhere far away were forced to sew money into their underpants, fearing that they would not be stolen along the way. Now, of course, this is not necessary. After all, there are many new ways to secure the transport of your valuables. For example, the Smuggler Belt belt.

An accessory called Smuggler Belt is not in vain called the “smuggler’s belt”. After all, it has a special, absolutely invisible compartment for storing small valuables - money or cards with digital information. No one will guess to look for them there.

Brief Safe - dirty laundry for transporting valuables

However, there are quite modern options for transporting valuables in linen. True, it does not need to be worn for this. A set called Brief Safe is a brief with pockets for money and documents.

Brief Safe differs from ordinary linen in that these panties are decorated with decorative stains even at the production stage, very similar to the fact that the owner of the suitcase himself has problems controlling his discharge.

Purse in a bottle with sunblock

Beach lovers often come across a problem when they have nowhere to put their cell phone, money and hotel room keys when they go swimming in the sea. After all, leaving all this in a bag is very dangerous - thieves do not doze off even in the most peaceful resorts.

Here for the spa guests and created a special wallet for valuables, which looks like a regular bottle with sunblock. It easily fits a mobile phone, money and a few more items at your discretion.

Privacy Pillow - Secret Pillow

Children, as you know, often hide their money and other valuables under their pillows. But adults do it directly in the pillow. Especially when it comes to an offer called Privacy Pillow.

Privacy Pillow is a secret pillow. Indeed, it has a special secret pocket for valuables, where you can put at night what you treasure and are afraid to lose. And even in the deepest dream, you will be sure that your value is protected, that no thief can encroach on her.

Covers iPhone Cases

A modern person may not have his own wallet, but he must have a smartphone. Perhaps even in some unusual case. Fortunately, accessories of this kind began to appear with hidden pockets for money and credit cards.

True, it is not clear how safe these iPhone cases are. After all, mobile phones themselves nowadays steal much more often than wallets or just money from their pockets.

Keyboard Organizer - secret keyboard

Keyboard Organizer is a device primarily for men. Indeed, as statistics show, it is they who are most often confident users of computers that communicate with the technology on "you". And this device allows you not only to type text, but also to make nest egg.

Hidden Wall Safe - fake outlet

Another place where a thief-house-maker will never look in search of money and jewelry is a socket built into the wall. The creators of Hidden Wall Safe offer to turn her into a safe stash.

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