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How to disable Facebook ads


- Customize your advertising preferences

This link has collected everything that, according to Facebook, may interest you. The social network collects these data from various sources: it analyzes the personal profile, likes and other interactions with different companies.

If you want to understand why this or that “Interest” turned out to be here, hover over it and you will see a hint.
If you want to see examples of ads that advertisers use based on one of their interests, click on the appropriate tile. If you have been using Facebook for a long time and are active on the Web, then a lot of extra will be gathered among your interests. All topics that are not close to you can be deleted, leaving only current ones.

- Limit tracking of your internet surfing

Facebook analyzes not only the behavior in the tape, but also on other sites. By default, the social network also uses this data when displaying ads.

But not all the pages on the Internet that we visit correspond to our interests. This is especially true for journalists or professionals related to advertising and PR. Performing their work, they go to many different sites. Facebook in response begins to attack with advertising. As a result, the tape annoys with uninteresting or strange ads.

To disable this default setting, you need to go to the advertising settings via the link, and prohibit the use of your data based on the sites you have visited in the column "Advertising based on my use of websites and applications."

- Unsubscribe from intrusive ads

If the first two points didn’t help and the intrusive ads still come across in the feed, you can remove them one at a time. To do this, click on the arrow in the upper right corner and select "Hide Ads".
Facebook will ask you for a reason. Answer the question, help make the social network better.

Similarly, you can get rid of company ads that annoy you most. Just click on "Hide all ads from ...".

If you find an error: select the text and press Ctrl + Enter

How to disable Facebook ads

1. The first method. Hiding some advertisers.

This method allows you to answer the question of how to disable Facebook ads for free by setting a ban on the appearance of messages from some advertisers in the feed. To implement it, you need to open facebook, find the recommended page that you want to hide, click on the arrow in the right corner of the upper part of the message, thereby hiding the advertisement. After these extraordinary actions, you will no longer be able to see such advertising messages. After that, perform the same actions with other Recommended pages.

2. The second method. Using Facebook Ad Highlighter.

This method also allows you to answer the question., how to disable Facebook ads. You need to run the Google Chrome browser. Why this browser, you ask. And because it contains a plugin that hides all recommended pages. He discolors them. True, this method will not be able to on a mobile device. So, you need the Chrome Web Store. In the list of extensions find Facebook Ad Highlighter and click on the add button in your browser. After these actions, a window should appear in your window with a recommendation to confirm the installation of the extension. After that, your news feed will take on a new design.

3. The third method. Using Adblock Plus.

You still wonder , How to disable Facebook ads? Then this paragraph is for you. Next method. You should open the page of the Adblock Plus add-on for browsers, which previously implemented the page filter, and click on the Add button to install the add-on. Thanks to this add-on, it is possible to remove ads from the facebook on the right panel from Facebook. After these steps, your news feed will take on a new look.

  • If some users write you too many messages, you can unsubscribe from it. In this way, you will continue to be friends, but you will no longer see his posts in the stream.
  • Keep in mind that Facebook finances itself with advertising revenue, so in any case you will deal with advertising messages.

Thus, although you cannot completely disable advertising messages, you are able to do so in part. And useful tips on how to remove Facebook ads 2017 described in this article will definitely help you with this.

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I have repeatedly spoken about how grief-marketers clumsily promote and advertise on social networks. Facebook has long ceased to be a nice place for friends to chat. Which personally depresses me very much. Finally, the good news came.

In recent weeks, the entire professional Internet has been buzzing that Facebook has changed the priority of displaying messages in the feed. Now, instead of shit advertising, offices that have not learned how to advertise on Facebook, you will first be offered friends posts. After that, the company's shares fell by as much as 4%. For the stock market, this is terribly bad information. But for me it has become better.

I remember when on Facebook and Instagram there were only cool photos and posts of friends. And now exclusively repair companies, beauty salons and online stores subscribe to you on Instagram, and the list of friend requests on Facebook consists of porn accounts and companies seeking to flood you with their ads. What social network only contributed to this revolutionary statement by Mark.

Facebook has long been a "big brother" following your every move. Sometimes it’s better than Google knows what interests you. Based on these data, he begins to show you ads in muddy offices in the feed, the display settings of which are based on the information that you yourself allow to use in your account. That is, Facebook by default believes that since you are interested in some topic (in the language of social networks, you “like” messages), then it will show you similar advertising default.

However, if you take a few simple steps, you can, if not completely forbid them to use this opportunity, then significantly complicate the work. I am writing a manual on what needs to be done to turn the social network into a place of communication with friends again, and not a springboard for woe-marketers.

Below is a manual for disabling ads in your stream.

Go to Settings (click on the upper right link and select the item in the drop-down list). Then we click the menu item "Advertising" (in the left menu).

Click on the menu "Your interests" and delete what you are not interested in. Facebook believes that if you like a post at least once, immediately add a post subject to your interests.

We do the same in the paragraph "Advertisers with whom you interacted." This (again automatically) includes companies whose ads you have at least once opened on Facebook or like their posts.

The next menu item is “Your data”. It has 2 tabs: "About You" and "Your Categories". Ensure that all switches are turned off in all of these tabs.

Moreover, Facebook honestly warns that if these switches are turned on, ads will be shown to you.

Then go to the "Advertising settings" item. It also has 3 points:

  1. Ads based on your use of sites and applications
  2. Ads on applications and sites not affiliated with Facebook companies
  3. Advertising with your social activities

In my case, you see that I have already disabled display permissions.

If you have not done this before, then you will be different. Click on each item and select "no."

In the menu item "Advertising with my social actions", select "Nobody."

Next, go to the next item "Hide advertising topics."

Following the logic of Facebook, I think they are a lonely drunk (if you ever liked a post with parties, your Alcohol interest is definitely set), with a cat or dog (if you ever liked cute photos of cats, this is in your profile) , who is most interested in the subject of parenting (no comment).

On each tab, set the switch to “Forever”. Attention, the switch needs precisely set to this positionand not just turn off. Otherwise, after some time, this topic will again fall into the sphere of your interests and Facebook will continue to display advertisements on this topic.

If you have nothing to do, then at the following link you can read how advertising on Facebook works. And somewhere there, you subtract the necessary explanations, according to what principles Zuckerberg selects which ads to show you.

Important setup note

If you did the above actions on a computer, but you also use the social network application for tablets and mobiles, then I have bad news for you. Facebook considers them a special caste. Therefore, the fact that you like on mobile devices falls into his other category. You can disable it only on your phone or tablet.

Therefore, repeat all the steps to turn off the display of ads on the device you are using (through the application). I did it on the iPad.

At some point, you will see that many different topics are automatically added to your interest categories. You need to open each line each and prohibit the display of ads.

Left a little. You get to two important sections related to the applications you use: 1) “Advertising based on the used Facebook applications”

and 2) non-Facebook apps. Everywhere you set "No".

Voila! Performing these simple steps, we almost completely blocked the ability of Zuckerberg to show us ads. Rather, they greatly complicated his work. I hope everyone understands that some mechanisms still remain for displaying ads on Facebook. But personally, in my case, the advertising in the tape began to show really less.

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Stop sharing personal information with apps

Each time you install applications from Facebook, he tells you what information you need to provide him. At this point, you can edit the information you want to share. If you ignored this requirement, or connected to Facebook from an external website, we will explain to you how limit the set of information which you provide to applications.

  • The first thing you need to do is click on the lock icon in the upper right corner pagesFacebook . Click on “See other settings” to open the advanced menu and access the “Privacy Settings and Tools” page.
  • Then find the "Applications" menu item on the left. Bet you never expected to see there are so many sites related to your pageFacebook ! Now it's time to organize it all.
  • You can click the button next to each application to remove it from your account, or you can click the pencil icon to edit the information that is tracked by each application. Please note that there can be various types of data that are mandatory, and therefore you cannot hide them from this application.
  • When you have finished this process, go down to the page where you can find two interesting options. The first of these is the option “always play anonymously", And the second is the option"applications used by others", Designed to edit information on Facebook, which other visitors to the application can see.