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Strips of tanned body from a swimsuit? What swimsuit? Welcome to the miniature and southern islands of the Spanish Balearic Formentera, which is famous for some of the best beaches in the Mediterranean. Here you will not need either a pareo, or shorts, or even the most detached mini-bikinis - the naked body is the norm for this island.

The most popular places: Playa Levante (Playa Levante) - an amazing sandy strip of the coast, decorated with greenery, and Playa Es Calo (Playa Es Calo), which is famous for its azure waters and excellent snorkeling. In addition, it is not necessary to come here to live - partygoers staying in Ibiza take an hour to reach Formentera by ferry, rent a bike and find a beach or bay to their liking.

English Garden, Munich, Germany

While the standards of liberalism are only gaining momentum in Europe, nudism is rampant in Germany. The Freikörperkultur movement (free body culture) originated in the country as early as the 19th century, today it has reached an immense scale. For example, in Munich, every summer, thousands of nudists flock to the largest park in the city - the English Garden, to bathe their naked body in the cool waters of the river, to fry in the sun on the green grass and refresh with lunch right there, without leaving the place. Some tourists, of course, are somewhat shocked by such landscapes, while others without hesitation join them. Well, others hire a rickshaw, which famously takes them past the rookery of the shanks to the Japanese house, where in the atmosphere of traditional peace and quiet of the Land of the Rising Sun they come to their senses.

10 reasons why you should visit the nudist resort of Cap d'Agde (France)

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1. Weather - Cap Dagh resort is located in the south of France and is very warm in the summer. The warmest weather at the resort is in June, July, August and September. The temperature in August is usually around 30 degrees.

2. Camping - the resort has an excellent camp for nudists and is considered one of the best in France. Camping is very affordable, located parallel to the beautiful beach and is located within the resort and thus you have convenient access to various resort services. The campsite has its own security service, which makes your stay absolutely safe and relaxed.

3. Clothing - the resort gives you the chance to not worry at all about what swimsuit to wear, because you can don’t wear it at all. In the evenings, many people dress in exotic clothes and interesting outfits, and for many this is a fun part of visiting this nudist resort. This is one of the best resorts in the world for nude relaxation.

Welcome to Cap d'Agde!

4. Nightlife - The resort has several nightclubs, saunas, bars and restaurants. In order to have a drink, there are many bars and clubs in the resort, so you will not have any problems in order to have fun. If you want to experience the night life, but in the daytime, then you can take part in one of the foam parties, which are very popular. If you are at the resort you can walk to each bar and night club within 10 minutes, i.e. no need to call a taxi.

Cap d agde village naturiste

5. Beach - the beach in the resort is beautiful with a wide sandy beach.

6. Local Attractions - Be sure to visit Agde. The city has a water park near the Marina resort in Agde is a popular destination. Many visitors to the resort do not go outside Cap Dagh (given that everything you need is in the resort), but the main attraction is the marina, which is a very popular place among locals and tourists. There are many restaurants and bars on the marina. The local region is also rich in vineyards, many of which offer wine tasting and wine tours.

7. Fine wines and seafood - Here are excellent French wines and when staying at a resort in Doug, you will have enough time to try a variety of French wines. At the resort you can try fresh mussels and many other seafood. If you are not a big seafood lover, you can try French desserts, including local ice cream and pastries.

8. Lively - The naturist resort of Cap Doug has a vibrant and good vibe, so if you like to be part of a vibrant resort, Cap Dag can be the perfect place for you. Many people visit the resort, although for its dynamism and its fun aspect.

9. Naturism - Naturism is fun and Cap Dag offers you the chance for a perfect holiday with its beach and nightlife.

10. France - a visit to France is worth experiencing at least once, and you could combine a trip to Cap Dagh with a trip to Paris or a number of other excellent places in France. Also, you will have the opportunity to improve your French.

Basic 10 rules for visiting a nudist beach

Dmitriy "Oct 17, 2010 3:09 pm

Very often, those who really love to travel do not reject new experiences and strive to try in life everything that does not go beyond the law, but lies on the verge of what is possible and what is not. Public nudity just refers to such life experiments, which are interesting to conduct, but the results of which are unlikely to be shared with anyone.

Although there are saunas for nudists, airplanes for nudists and “naked” bike rides in the world, the most neutral of such experiences is a visit to a nudist beach.

Nudity by the sea gives you an incomparable sense of unity with nature. Considering that a person learned to wear clothes only 72 thousand years ago, and before that he lived safely, without covering himself with other people's skins, it turns out that most of the existence of mankind on earth passed in the ideology of nudism, writes

For most women, and men too, whose consciousness is perverted by glossy ideas about beauty, going to a nudist beach can be akin to a feat. However, it is still worthwhile to conduct a similar experiment, if only in order to understand that the human body is beautiful in all its manifestations. And the number of fat cells, the proportions of the figure and the relief of the muscles have nothing to do with it. If you still decide to experience such experiences, do not be too lazy to familiarize yourself with the tips below.

1. Sunblock
Parts of the body that are usually covered by a swimsuit are much less familiar with solar radiation. Do not forget to thoroughly spread protective cream with high SPF your most tender places. The inability to sit exactly on the fifth point is unlikely to give you positive memories from a nudist experience.

2. Watch your pose
It is advisable for both men and women to think at least a little about the poses that they take, bending down to straighten the towel. Sagging breasts or dangling genitals are unlikely to please others, unless of course you are Brad Pitt or Pamela Anderson.

3. Do not look around
However, even if you don’t follow “rule 2”, not too many people will grin, because the rule not to look at others has a rather high priority. Observe it and you.

4. If you still really want to break the "rule 3"
Try to make it not very noticeable to others. For example, you can wear sunglasses, behind the glasses of which it is impossible to see where your gaze is directed. Or pretend that you are extremely passionate about the new novel by a popular author. In the latter case, do not forget to turn pages from time to time.

5. Leave the camera at home.
Naked people, like no one else, do not like invading their own personal space. And if you get a camera on a nudist beach, even just to take unforgettable pictures of yourself as a loved one, be prepared for the fact that others will get nervous or even show disapproval.

6. Cold water syndrome
Cold water can adversely affect even the most confident and not deprived of nature men. Even big genitals in the cold tend to shrink to microscopic sizes. You will either have to choose a very warm sea, or accept what is happening as a fact.

7. Shave or not
In principle, most adherents of nudism strive for naturalism in everything, and more often do not pay attention to bodily vegetation. However, if your attitude does not allow you to go to the beach with unshaven legs, none of the straight people will judge you.

8. Avoid meaningful conversations.
Do not engage in lengthy philosophical conversations with neighbors on the beach. There are more suitable places for this. You must admit that a naked person discussing Kant's philosophy may look a little strange.

9. Grab a swimsuit
Even if you go to the beach, where everyone prefers to go naked, still bring a swimsuit with you. It can be useful, for example, in the evening, when all the nudists leave the beach and only you will remain there.

10. Unexpected erection
Alas, not all the feelings of men can be controlled, while some also easily become apparent to others. If you have an unexpected erection, it is easiest to lie face down on your stomach. Just do not forget, having come to a calm state and having risen, to smooth out the "extra" dents in the sand.

Night Clubs in Cap Dag

Le Tantra Club, which opens one of the most recent at 11 pm. The cost of rest for two is about € 40.

Le Glamor is one of the largest clubs in the resort. This club has joined the 'La Ville Restaurant', which is located directly opposite the beach. Le Glamor is a popular club with a large dance floor, 3 bars and a restaurant. This club is reasonably priced and includes one drink every day. This club is often crowded from because of its popularity. Of course, this club is worth visiting at least once. Admission 40 €.

Le Jules Club is for couples only. The club is usually open from 11 pm to 6 am every night throughout the summer and costs approximately € 35 (including 2 drinks) or € 45 (with 6 drinks). The club is quite small (compared to Le Glamor).

You can have a great time in the evenings without resorting to one of the nightclubs. There are also some great bars (and often outdoor seating), including the Johnny Wokkers pub and Melrose Cafe.

1. I had too high expectations

A magical picture of permissiveness took shape in the imagination - beautiful lonely girls who would have easily passed the casting in Playboy sunbathe languidly on a white sand. Sit yourself and enjoy the view. Only in reality it’s not so much: the promised youth are mostly middle-aged men and women with flabby figures who are not at all suitable for the cover of the magazine. A few nice girls with guys, a flock of shy students and - ta dam! with fifty gays. I am not opposed, no, but the open expression of the feelings of minorities on the beach, especially when they are naked, is too much for me. But they didn’t kick me out for homophobia.

2. I expected to easily get acquainted with a hot European beauty

If they simply sunbathe without a swimsuit like that, then they are ready to support a conversation with a foreigner and continue acquaintance in a secluded place. After several clumsy attempts to speak, I realized that nothing shines on me. Fact: on nudist (in other words, naturist) beaches they come to relax, to merge with nature, and not to show buns pumped up in the gym to guys. Naturists simply do not care about me - they have their own plans. Although they didn’t kick me out for molesting girls.

Dress code in Cap Dag

Theoretically, going to the resort without clothes is a must. In practice, very often you can see people who wear clothes. Most people wear clothes when it gets cool or in the evening. In the daytime, as soon as you reach the beach, you will see very few people who only have a hat, a pair of sandals and a towel, which are used in public places or bars for hygienic reasons.

The resort is a place where you can be without clothes 24 hours a day, although many people prefer to dress in the evening when they go to bars and clubs within the resort. In the club you can watch completely naked visitors, but there will be a minority.

Evening time is one of the funniest in the resort, as many girls wear very piquant underwear or unusual, intense outfits.

3. I could not stop looking around

I know that it’s ugly to stare at people. But how can you help yourself when everyone is naked around? Two guys came to the beach with the goal of "picking up" pretty girls - you have to see everyone. I guess I took too long looking at the appetizing figure of a local resident, because they started to speak something angrily in Spanish to me. I realized that it is better to lower your eyes down or look into the distance at sea. Maybe this was my cant?

4. I confess - at first we did not plan to undress

But after 10 minutes in swimming trunks on the beach, a man of about 40 approached us and, actively gesturing, pointed to the badge with crossed out clothes and nodded towards the locker room. This clearly meant that we needed to either bare to the end, or leave here. During the conversation, I tried not to look at the naked body of the interlocutor, politely nodded his head and walked away. The thought didn’t leave me: why do we need locker rooms on a nudist beach? My friend and I did not find the answer, but we found a bar where we had another drink in sangria, and finally decided to show all Spaniards the nakedness of the Russian soul. We undressed so that we would not be kicked out.

5. I completely forgot about sunscreen

I did not have time to get used to the new role of a naturist, when another trouble came. My dark-skinned skin tans quickly and painlessly. I have never used creams. However, I did not think that I had never been exposed in nature below the belt. The hot Catalan sun did its job - and by noon, I burned out in a very painful place. Although they didn’t kick me out for the bright pink color of my skin, there were enough of them.

5. An hour later, getting used to the new sensations of freedom, I realized that naked gays were starting to surround us

Literally. There was less and less space on the beach, and soon we lay towel to towel with naked people. And if they were young Spanish women, similar to Penelope Cruz - but no, next to us were only middle-aged metrosexuals who quietly drank wine and smeared each other with sunscreen. I no longer wanted to sunbathe.

6. When we were about to leave, we decided to capture this moment with a friend and take a selfie

Naturally, we shot only our faces, but in the background there were a few naked pops. The owner of one of them began to resent loudly and complained to the guard. There is nothing to do - I had to urgently retire. I will not say that I resisted too much. Just naturism is not mine at all.

In Spain, we saw a lot of beautiful things, but getting to know the nudist beach is a great disappointment for a vacation. If you have the same bright hopes, do not flatter yourself: there is nothing forbidden and beautiful on the beach, you are unlikely to meet a girl or a guy there. If you are a naturist with experience, then you will most likely enjoy La Mar Bella - it’s clean, calm, and there are cultured people (like Sanya and I are few).

When to visit Cap Doug

If you have never visited the nudist resort of Cap Dag and plan your first visit, then it is clear that you want to choose the best time to visit the resort. Traveling to the south of France with the intention of relaxing in the resort in October or November as a tourist is a waste of time and money, because almost everything is closed, the weather is too cold and not a single tourist is around.

For most people, this period is not suitable, since the weather is quite variable, and most often it is not suitable for naturism. The weather is rather cold, in a circle of silence and most restaurants, bars and shops are still closed.

In the second half of May, the weather is still deceiving and unpredictable. If you want to fall into a more suitable period for naturism, choose June, July or August.

In June, the weather becomes more suitable for recreation, accommodation prices are cheaper than peak prices in July and August. The temperature in this period is about 20 degrees Celsius.

July and August are peak in prices and number of guests. During this period, the most suitable and comfortable weather.

Foam parties (also sometimes called bubbles party) make up most of the days in these key months and the best vibe is at this time. On most days, the temperature in these months is around 30 degrees Celsius.

September is a favorite time for many people to visit Cap Dagh resort. Accommodation prices in this period begins to fall. The temperature is around 20 degrees, the resort still has a lot of visitors and the atmosphere is quite lively, foamy parties are also sometimes held. September must be considered as a month to relax.

In October, many of the resort's services, i.e. shops and restaurants are already closing. В этот период можно посетить многие другие курорты Франции, тогда как Кап Даг становится почти безлюдным.

С ноября по март

В ноябре курорт все ещё открыт, но курортом пользуется небольшое количество людей, которые живут на курорте круглый год.

Общие правила поведения на курорте Кап Даг

Как только Вы оказались на курорте, Вам следует следовать определенным правилам поведения. Одежда не является обязательным атрибутом в пределах кукрорта. Вечером все же необходимо взять с собой одежду, так как вечером температура опускается довольно низко.

It is forbidden to take pictures or video of other vacationers in the resort. Taking pictures of yourself or your partner is not prohibited.

In restaurants and bars, on the seats you need to put a towel. This is done for personal hygiene.