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DIY clothes for Barbie, how to make an outfit for a doll

Surely, every woman with a daughter was faced with requests to sew clothes for Barbie. In order to do this, first you need to get to know the doll better.

This is a doll with a height, usually not exceeding 30 cm, its arms and legs are movable, can bend and unbend. This detail is significant: it is this that facilitates the process of sewing clothes for her. The standard Barbie doll has the following sizes:

  • neck circumference - 20 mm
  • chest girth - 110 mm
  • waist - 75 mm
  • hips - 120 mm
  • height - 30 cm

Now they produce many models that differ from each other, so before sewing it is better to make the necessary measurements for a particular doll. For Barbie all kinds of clothes are sewn: swimwear, skirts, dresses, tops and blouses, trousers, outerwear. Most often, girls want to have a new skirt and blouse, trousers and coats in their pet’s wardrobe.

What you need for sewing

It is best for beginners to start with sewing the simplest outfits, so you can quickly learn and then move on to more complex patterns. The fabric will depend on what will be sewn. Let's try to get by with the types of materials that are at hand in the house. For sewing doll clothes, it is best to use fabrics with non-shedding edges, for example, knitted, felt. You will also need a centimeter tape, ruler, crayon, scissors, thread with a needle, pins, decorative elements (beads, buttons, hooks, buttons).

Do I need a sewing machine for sewing doll clothes? See for yourself. If you are just starting to learn the basics of sewing, you can do without it, in the future it is better to sew on it. What kind of hand stitches do you need to know? The simplest ones are “forward needle”, “back needle”, overcasting (buttonhole), as well as good ability to sew on beads, buttons. Also useful will be the initial knowledge of mathematics and drawing when constructing patterns.

Where to find patterns?

Clothing patterns for Barbie dolls can be built independently or found on the Internet.

In the first case, everything is very simple. It is necessary to wrap the body of Barbie with cling film, and tightly with tape on top. Then take a felt-tip pen or marker, and draw lines where the seams will be - lateral, shoulder, middle, ridge, armholes, etc. Next, carefully cut along these lines with nail scissors, remove parts from the cling film, transfer their contours to paper. That's all! Get the most accurate patterns for Barbie dolls! When cutting, be sure to remember to make allowances for seams of 0.5-1 cm, as well as provide clasps so that doll clothes can be easily put on and removed.

If you decide to work on ready-made patterns, then options in a huge variety are presented in the popular VK social network. In order to get them you need to join the community “Barbie. Patterns ”, in the“ Documents ”section are ready-made patterns. They only need to be saved and printed. Please note that the sizes there correspond to the standards, so if your doll has other parameters, the pattern will need to be adjusted. The same community exists in Odnoklassniki. Patterns taken from social networks are convenient in that you can use them for free and discuss with other masters the advantages and disadvantages of a particular cut, as well as ask members of the community questions that interest you.

The subtleties of cutting and sewing doll clothes

To start sewing clothes for Barbie, you will need not only materials, but also knowledge of hand and machine stitches, as well as the ability to work with a needle and scissors.

  • You need to cut doll clothes with sharp scissors. To cut small parts, you can use nail scissors.
  • To transfer the contours of parts is best with a soluble felt-tip pen or pencil.
  • Paired details are cut symmetrically.
  • Stitch the details with small hand stitches: “back to the needle”, buttonhole, oblique or blind. If stitching parts on a sewing machine, the stitch length should be about 2 mm.
  • Each completed seam must be ironed, then the product will look beautiful and neat.

Blouse and dress

For sewing a simple blouse or dress, take 2 pieces of fabric, crayon, scissors, thread with a needle and pins. Transfer the pattern of the blouse or dress to the pattern, circling it with chalk. The pattern should be attached.

If there is no pattern blouse or dress for Barbie, then just lay your doll on the fabric and circle her body from neck to waist. Remove the doll. Add repeated lines at a distance of 1 cm to the seam allowance. Do the length as desired: you can to the waist, and you can to the hips. Cut the workpiece. Fold in half and make a cut at the neck. It can be made triangular, oval, square, round. Next, cut out armholes for the sleeves. As a result, you will see a pattern of a T-shirt before your eyes. We process the neck with a decorative seam. Process the bottom of the product. Stitch the shoulders together.

Treat armholes for sleeves. You can sew on long or short sleeves. To do this, small rectangles of fabric are attached to the armhole and sewn. Then we sew the sides, twist, the blouse (dress) is ready! You can decorate the product with beads, bows, buttons. It is better to take knitted fabric for a blouse or dress, then it will stretch, it is easy to remove and wear it.

See the easiest option for tailoring a dress. In the same way, you can sew a simple dress for Barbie:

Pants for dolls are the most difficult to sew, so it is best to use a ready-made pattern from the above communities in social networks. Pants can be sewn from different types of fabric: jeans, knitwear, velvet and other materials at your fingertips.

The simplest trousers can be sewn in the same way as a blouse. With the doll attached, circle its lower body.

Make seam allowances and cut. Work the bottom of the legs, the elastic should be sewn to the upper part according to the method described in the case with the skirt.

Sew the middle of the legs, and only then connect the sides. Sew everything from the wrong side so that the seams are not visible. Trousers, if the trousers are sewn for the first time, make them wide: this is how the pants-harem pants turn out. Sewing them is more convenient.

The coat is also better to sew on the finished pattern. You can’t do without it. There are many different options available on the Internet. Be sure to find the right one. On our site Samoshveyka there are two options for tailoring a coat for Barbie - very simple and a little more complicated.

For a doll coat, it is better to choose a thin drape or a piece of faux fur. Using fur to trim the collar and sleeves, you get the option of winter outerwear. Special stores sell accessories for decorating doll clothes. You can choose a belt or belt for a coat.

To make things stylish, use decorative elements. Do not forget to smooth the finished products, then the seams will not be noticeable, and the clothes will become salable.

Sock Clothing

The simplest dress can be easily made from an ordinary children's sock. This will require:

If you decide to sew an outfit for Barbie from a sock, then it should be unusual, and most importantly - new. Great if the socks are of different material. You can make a sweater from a terry sock, and a dress from a cotton sock.

  1. First you need to put the sock on the table and use the felt-tip pen to mark the cut lines.
  2. If you decide to make a T-shirt and a skirt, then you need to cut off the elastic and the toe from the sock.
  3. If the fabric of the sock does not crumble, it remains only to make sure that the skirt adheres well to Barbie's waist. To do this, you need to make incisions on the elastic band and thread the tape into them. You will get an impromptu belt.
  4. If the fabric of the sock crumbles, then you need to overcast the bottom of the skirt.
  5. The shirt is cut from the cape of the sock. If necessary, then it is necessary to process all the seams.

Similarly done swimsuit and underwear for dolls.

If the daughter is still small, but wants to make clothes for her doll herself, then you can help her make seamless sock dress. To do this, cut off the upper part of the sock with an elastic band. This will be Barbie's dress. As a belt, you can use a regular elastic for hair. If you take a beautiful sock, then the dress will turn out to be very cute, the little needlewoman will certainly be pleased with her creation.

Vintage dress

You can sew a beautiful dress using patterns for Barbie. The scale is very important here. The square at the bottom of the picture should be taken as one centimeter and in accordance with this scale the pattern of clothes for Barbie.

So, you need to prepare everything you need:

  • paper,
  • pencil or pen
  • scissors,
  • a marker or bar of soap
  • tailor's needles,
  • the cloth,
  • ribbon and lace
  • a thread with a needle
  • Velcro.

Next, do the following:

  1. We print out the pattern and cut it out.
  2. Circle the pattern on the wrong side of the fabric with a remnant. And also draw all the details.
  3. Be sure to leave a seam allowance on all sides.
  4. Cut out the details of the dress from fabric.
  5. We take up the skirt and process the lower cut, tucking it a little. The bottom of the skirt can be complemented with beautiful lace or ribbon.
  6. Next, we process the side sections of the skirt. The upper section is processed crosswise.
  7. Moving to the shelf, we sew a neck cut and make tucks.
  8. Fold the fabric so that the width between the tucks on the shelf is 3.5 centimeters, and 1 centimeter from the bottom. We sew tucks and process them with a zigzag.
  9. We process both parts of the back and sew the neck.
  10. We make straps. To do this, we sew 8 centimeters of lace along the armhole of the sleeve. Instead of lace, you can use tape or braid.
  11. Sew the back and shelf on the sides.
  12. Sew the top of the dress with a skirt.
  13. We attach Velcro to the back so that the dress can be fastened on it. Velcro should be quite long so that there are no holes.

Vintage dress is ready.

Dress with sleeves

From the same upper part of the baby sock you can make dress with sleeves:

  1. Cut off the right part of the sock. The length depends on the desired length of the finished product.
  2. We outline the sleeves and make sure that they are not short. If, however, this happens, then you can always make them short or under three quarters. So it will also be very beautiful.
  3. We cut the sock along the lines and turn it inside out.
  4. The sections of the sleeves are processed with a buttonhole seam.
  5. We process the bottom of the dress.
  6. We bend the neck to the front of the product and hem it with small straight stitches.

It is so simple that even a little girl will deal with such a dress. Thus, you can sew a lot of dresses, changing their color and decor.

As a decor, you can use the tape on the waist, small buttons, lace and even beads. The flight of imagination is unlimited.

You can make a cut on the dress, and it will sit on the doll in a completely different way.

Balloon Swimsuit

In order to make an unusual swimsuit for Barbie, you only need a balloon and scissors:

  1. Cut off the nipple through which the balloon is inflated.
  2. Fold the ball in half along and cut off the side of the semicircle to get the bottom (panties) of the swimsuit.

Swimsuit is ready. You can make a similar separate swimsuit, for this you need to cut it in the middle.

By the way, adding to it tutu skirt, you can make a nice ball gown.

Tulle Tutu Skirt

Such a skirt is made incredibly simple. You just need to take a piece of tape and many small pieces of colored or white tulle.

We determine the length of the skirt and multiply this data by two. For example, we need a 4-centimeter skirt. Cut strips of tulle with a length of 8 centimeters and a width of about two centimeters.

We tie the tulle to the tape with one knot. The more pieces are tied, the more magnificent the skirt will turn out.

We simply tie the finished skirt with a beautiful bow on the doll's waist.

Instead of tulle, you can also use woolen threads, fabric, etc.

Coat of cleaning napkins

Of course, a fashionista doll cannot do without a coat. It should be stylish and at the same time warm. We will sew a demi-season coat for Barbie from cleaning napkins. Of course, you can use another fabric, but this material has its advantages: it is dense and holds its shape perfectly, and also does not crumble.

Also for decoration, you will need beads or tiny buttons. You can use large beads.

First of all, you need to print and cut the pattern of the product.

The figure is the fourth part of the pattern. There must be four identical parts. In this case, the back of the product will be solid, and there will be a cut on the front. It can be cut so that on the sleeves and shoulders it was not necessary to stitch the details.

Now we fold the product and sew on the sides. We turn and decorate the coat. Sew on a bead coat on one shelf, and on the other we make small slots for them. Iron finished product.

If there is a lot of time, then such a coat can even be decorated with embroidery stitch or beads.

A lot of things can be sewn for Barbie, you just have to show your imagination. This is really easy. It is best to sew outfits with your child, a little girl will be delighted with the process and the result.

How to sew very fashionable and elegant dresses for dolls.

On 7th, sewing skirt lessons for Barbie (or any other doll) were recently published. Today the master class is more complicated - but the result is worth the effort! One scheme - and many dresses for dolls: luxurious and simple, with different patterns, straps and a belt. Your daughter will be fascinated!

To do this, you will need:

  • 1 piece of fabric measuring 15 × 6.5cm for the bodice, 1 piece of fabric measuring 12.5 × 30cm
  • ribbon: 2 lengths of 6.5 cm for strapless, if you decide to sew them on the dress
  • Velcro fastener 10 cm long and 0.5 cm wide

Materials for work: threads, iron, scissors, sewing machine.

To begin, process the edges of the fabric of all parts with a zigzag or overlock. Using an iron, bend 0.5 cm and iron 2 short sides and one long side on each part.

Sew these sides on a typewriter, stepping back from the edge of about 0.3 cm.

Take the piece of fabric intended for the bodice and wrap it around the doll (thanks for posing for us, Cinderella).

Pin the fabric on the back so that it fits the figure, then pin the fabric on the front to make tucks.

Sew the fabric along the tucks in a forward-backward stitch, but do not sew the stitch to the edge of the fabric (make sure to use a suitable thread).

Try on the bodice and make sure the tucks are in place.

Make a seam (long, straight stitch) along the top of the skirt and pull the thread to collect the fabric.

Attach the bottom of the dress to the bodice with a large number of pins.

Flip to the other side. Now sew these pieces together, backing off from the edge of about 1 cm. Finish the seam by sewing the edge with a zigzag or overlock.

Rotate the product with the front side, iron it with an iron and sew, departing from the central seam 0.3 cm.

Then sew a piece of Velcro.

Our Cinderella looks very fashionable, she goes retro style.

If you like straps, sew the ribbons in the manner shown in the picture, but I placed them just to show you.

My dress is strapless, although it looks a bit scandalous! Perhaps I will sew a short one-piece sleeve, so the doll will look more modest. There are many options, and that's great!

This option is possible dress with straps and a belt.

You can also make the skirt longer - for an evening dress, in short - for a summer dress, add straps, a belt, sew a button instead of Velcro on the back, sew a small applique - the possibilities are endless! It’s also good that you can use stocks of cute scraps.

Main tasks

Dressing up dolls is one of the components of the role-playing and directing children's games. Favorite girls Barbie and Monster High, which comes with a set of replaceable clothes, are very expensive, and dresses for fake dolls are of the same type and poor quality.

If you study this question a little, be patient and diligent, you can make a real miracle and great joy for your daughter or son with your own hands. If you need high-quality clothes for Barbie, patterns and patterns in this matter will be simply necessary. It will be possible to manage the creation of wardrobe items either by simply linking together several pieces of fabric, or by serious cutting, preparation and embroidery of the product. In addition to dresses, others can also be included in the number of items of clothing. Here is a short list of what most often sewn with their own hands in the wardrobe for the doll:

  1. Be sure to include appropriate accessories in the kit for the dress. First, think about shoes. It is the manufacture of shoes by hand that is most often interested in young masters.
  2. Hats, bandanas or hats also perfectly decorate the image of a toy fashionista.
  3. In the cold season, a Barbie doll will definitely need a warm coat or a beautiful insulated coat.
  4. It does not hurt to make pajamas as well.
  5. A swimsuit can also be used. You can start sewing things for Barbie with him - a bathing suit is very easy to complete.
  6. A variety of topics, skirts, t-shirts and overalls will never be superfluous in the closet of the doll.

So, tailoring clothes for the doll has many aspects that should be considered in the manufacturing process. Отдельно стоят такие предметы:

  • Как нужно правильно подбирать размер нарядов для Барби своими руками, по каким параметрам нужно выполнять выкройку платья.
  • What will be the total cost of all the materials that a seamstress will need to work on a particular piece of clothing.
  • According to what algorithm is it necessary to sew things.
  • Basic information about Barbie.

Collecting General Parameters

Before you begin work on the design of clothes for Barbie dolls, you should familiarize yourself with the model in more detail, study and measure its dimensions, structure and features of the doll body. Most often, Barbie is produced as a girl who has the ability to unbend and bend her limbs - arms, legs and even fingers. This is all due to the presence of flexible, flexible joints in place of the joints. Such an innovation greatly diversified the entire puppet industry as a whole. Probably in the world there is not a single little girl who at least once in her life would not play with Barbie.

The main dimensions of the doll are quite compact. She reaches thirty centimeters in height. Most often, Barbie is produced with white hair - she is a real blonde. Hair can be collected in a neat stylish tail, less often - loose or located in an elegant tricky hairstyle.

The girth of the doll’s neck is large, but still proportional to the ratio of the parameters of the body of a real person - the doll parameters in this place reach two centimeters. Barbie's chest is quite voluminous, in real life it would correspond to a full third size. The puppet girth is only twelve full centimeters. At the waist, the model has seven centimeters, in the hips - up to twelve.

In addition to the main external parameters, it is also imperative to indicate the dimensions that are required each seamstress before completing a new order:

  1. The length of the back is five centimeters.
  2. Arm length reaches twelve.
  3. The girth of the brush is three.
  4. Legs in length can reach seventeen centimeters.
  5. Barbie's foot is very small - only two centimeters.

You can not only sew clothes for the doll yourself, but also tie it. You should never be afraid to experiment with fabrics, textures and textures. The brighter the combination, the happier the children will be in the end, for whom, in fact, all works are intended.


If there is still too little experience in such a case, you can always print patterns for Barbie in full size - the doll has compact dimensions, which allows you not to waste too much money, effort and materials on such actions.

The best option would be to place patterns of clothes for Barbie in A4 format - the most universal for this kind of activity. It is easiest to start with embroidering a simple dress or a small blouse. The hardest part is sewing a real doll dress for a wedding. Overalls are also produced with a fair expenditure of resources, strength and own energy.

Classic is always in fashion

First of all, when sewing clothes for a doll, it is worth paying attention to the classic models of the evening dress of a woman. There are two main reasons for this:

  • The dress will always be the main basic element in the wardrobe of every girl, even the doll.
  • This item will be produced much faster and lighter than everyone else.

If the children are not going to arrange a gorgeous photo shoot for their doll or lead it to a festive ball, then making the dress too elaborate and too grandiose is not worth it. A sufficient step will be to cut and tailor the most ordinary dress of a classic style and calm colors. Although the last item is selected based solely on the personal preferences of the doll's hostess.

In some cases, the standard cut is simply perfectly combined with an unusual and bright print, which makes the image of Barbie fashionable, modern, very stylish and sophisticated. Here are some materials which are sure to be useful in the process of work:

  1. A meter of fabric that is matched to the taste preferences of the doll's hostess. It is best to choose fabrics that will look like chiffon, silk or gabardine as the starting material. The main pattern will fit on a piece of fifty to fifty centimeters, but the material should always be enough with a margin. Unexpected difficulties can occur during sewing, so it is better to stock up in advance.
  2. Scheme of the future dress. You can find it on the Internet or come up with it yourself, based on the available parameters of the Barbie figure.
  3. A small zipper that will have the smallest lock possible. A similar element of the dress can be easily replaced with ordinary miniature buttons or small Velcro.
  4. In the process, you will definitely need at least one skein of thread. It is best to stock up on all the necessary thread colors in advance. It is worth paying special attention to how well they fit with the main fabrics of the dress. The more threads will be in harmony with the main material, the better and more accurate the result will be the work itself.
  5. Of course, in no case can one work in sewing without a pair of decent scissors. It will be ideal if the handywoman has not only ordinary large scissors at hand, but also some small ones, designed for manicure. Such a device will be very convenient to process a variety of small details of the dress.
  6. A set of needles is also a prerequisite in preparing for sewing. You may need both small needles for small items, and large needles - for example, for decoration.

It is important to decide on the selection of patterns for the future product. For these purposes, you can turn to the vast expanses of the Internet. There are a wide variety of patterns, and even the most picky and demanding fashionista will find something of their own.

Cause is time

Now it’s worth starting the preparation of the pattern. It is best to print your favorite model on a standard A4 sheet. If this is not possible, the details of the dress can simply be copied from the finished sample.

Then all the pieces of the dress are cut out, then stitched in turn - as it suits anyone. Masters are advised to start from the top, gradually moving to the skirt. The ends that are obtained at the places of stitching must be treated with a thread with a needle.

After all the operations done, the lightning or buttons are neatly inserted into their rightful place. If you are not too smart about the appearance and design of the dress, then the whole product can be made in no more than two hours.

Coat for barbie

If the dress is rightfully considered one of the easiest to make doll outfits, then the situation with the coat is much more complicated. Be sure to take into account the fact that such a part of the wardrobe with your own hands can not only be sewn, but also knitted. The master will receive a beautiful and original thing that will serve as a wonderful decoration for a doll’s wardrobe. There is a list of materials and devices that should be used in work on a doll coat.

The first thing to think about is the selection of fabric. Such materials as wool, boucle, crepe and their derivatives can best cope with this task. For work, you need a piece of fabric half a meter to a half meter in size. It is recommended to leave enough spare fabric in case of unexpected material damage.

After the master has decided on the work materials, he selects a suitable scheme. If the employee is sophisticated in the issue of cutting and sewing, then the scheme is made according to his own sketches. If not, then you can find it on the open spaces of the world wide web.

Scissors will certainly go. It is better to immediately stock up in several pairs, including a device for manicure. Such scissors will help to do everything much more accurately and gently than ordinary kitchen or office supplies.

Even a doll coat requires fur. A similar element will make the whole composition much richer and more refined. It is mandatory to use fur attributes in a winter doll coat. Such a move will please not only the manufacturer himself, but also a happy child.

If you wish, you can add a small belt to the overall composition. It can be anything: thin or thick, fabric or leather, colorful decorated or concise.

The progress is simple and straightforward. At the very beginning, you need to print the main outline. After that, you need to study all the parts in detail, cut the pattern, put it on pieces of fabric and make details of the future coat on them already. Before stitching everything together, it is recommended that you first sweep the particles of the coat into the big picture. When all the previous steps are completed, you can start sewing.